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Welcome to ParentsTrust!

We are a husband-and-wife team who created ParentsTrust to help reduce the headaches of finding used kid's stuff online— and do a good turn for the environment at the same time.

We invite you to:

• Find stuff for the next stage of your children's lives (Kid Filters can help).
• Use us to get rid of all the extra kid's stuff your children have outgrown (and we'll put your ads on CraigsList for you, too!).
• Try out Watch Words, which watch out for items you need, even when you're not online.
Change the Home Page to show you only the type of listings you are interested in.

Along the way, you'll be doing yourself and others a favor, because reusing things like toys, kid's furniture, bikes, or clothes means: less stuff gets thrown away, more parents get what they need (for less), and you get more closet space!

ParentsTrust is built exclusively for parents — a web site where you can jump online to get what you need done FAST, as in, "before your kid wakes up from a nap/is no longer distracted with a game/ very last thing before you fall exhausted into bed at night"-fast.

We're busy working on more tools and functionality. User-requested features are our top priority! Please Contact Us with feedback, feature requests, or anything else.

— Carla and Will